10 Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs

If you’re like many aspiring people, you don’t want to have to wait to climb the corporate ladder in order to get paid well. And you don’t want to have to go through 8 years of college and grad school, taking on loads of student debt. Instead, you want to get paid well right off the bat with your undergraduate degree. To help you on your path, here are ten of the highest paying entry level jobs available.

1. Petroleum Engineers have the potential to earn $119,140 yearly as the highest paying entry level job. Petroleum engineers are “hydrocarbon harvesters” who extract crude oil and natural gas reserves from subsurface reservoirs far below arctic, ocean, and other mostly non-accessible terrain. Petroleum engineers typically earn a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college and advance quickly in their field of employment due to world energy demands. Additional training in earth science, mathematics, economics, combined with background knowledge of geophysics, petroleum geology, well logging, drilling, reservoir simulation, well engineering, and artificial lift systems provide the foundation from which petroleum engineers work. Additional training in earth science or mathematics is helpful in securing advancement into this engineering specialty. Petroleum engineers also face tremendous layoffs as reserves are depleted.

2. Computer Hardware Engineers earn $97,570 and are amongst the highest paying entry level jobs. Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacturing and installing of computer hardware. Computer software engineers focus on all aspects of computer systems including computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, keyboards, routers, printers, and other hardware. Computer hardware engineers create, test, manage, and upgrade computer systems and networks within an organization. Computer hardware engineers are generally required to have a minimum of an associate’s degree combined with job experience and/or certification. Employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, mathematics, or information systems. The ability to stay abreast of technological advancements in a fast paced, expanding field is an absolute must-have quality possessed by computer hardware engineers.

3. Electrical Engineers are among the highest paying entry level jobs with an earnings potential of $85,830 yearly. Electrical engineers design, improve, test, and repair electronics. Electrical engineers design circuits and other aspects of electronics and then subject their designs to tests while resolving any operational problems in a wide array of products. Electrical engineers develop cars, robots, cell phone systems, lighting and wiring within buildings, radar systems, navigation systems, and various other medical, communication, or electrical devices created in offices, labs, or industrial plants. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is a requirement for qualification specializing in mathematics, science, and information technology.

4. Investment Bankers are among the top highest paying entry level jobs, with an earnings potential of $85,580 yearly. Investment bankers are the sales agents who act as liasons between businesses in search of financing for operation or expansion plans, and investors who become share holders through acquiring debt in the form of bonds or equity in the form of stocks. This process is known as underwriting and occurs through the advisory services offered by investment bankers. Investment bankers have the difficult job of selling their ideas through advisory services to assist companies with new stock or bonds and then sell the securities to investors. Investment bankers introduce new stock into the market as an initial public offering, or IPO, as well as oversee acquistions and mergers.

A bachelor’s degree in business, finance, economics, or accounting is crucial for investment bankers. Many investment bankers are hired during internship the summer before they officially complete their degrees.

5. Economists are the highest paying entry level jobs earning $83,590 yearly. Economists in the private sector are generally required to hold masters or doctoral degrees while those in the government sector are often qualified with a bachelor’s degree. Economists generally focus on the distribution of resources like land, labor, raw materials, and machinery in relation to production of goods and services within society. Economists research, collect, and analyze data while monitoring economic trends, enabling them to predict energy costs, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, business cycles, taxes, and employment levels. Governmental agencies with employed economists expect concise assessment of economic conditions within the United States and internationally. Economists are the advisors of policy makers, assisting in deregulating industries, strategizing spending, assessing effects of tax cuts, addressing changes within Social Security, and predicting effects of imposed tariffs on imported goods. Undergraduate training in microeconomics, macroeconomics, accounting, calculus, computer science, mathematics, statistics, econometrics, and sampling theory and survey design are employers’ preferred qualifications.

6. Computer programmers earn $73,470 yearly and hold one of the highest paying entry level jobs. Updating, repairing, modifying, and expanding existing programs are also a computer programmer’s chief job duties. Computer programmers write programs, after they are developed by computer software engineers and system analysts design software programs, with common languages are C++ and Python. Programmers then convert the design into a logical series of instructions a computer can follow. Computer programmers use computer assisted software engineering which enables them to automate the coding process and concentrate on specific details of a program. Computer programmers also assist software engineers in identifying user needs and designing certain parts of programs. An associate’s degree with work experience or a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer information systems.

7. Management Analysts are among the highest paying entry level jobs earning a yearly salary of $73.360. Management analysts assist, research, and strategize plans for businesses to propose or improve structure, efficiency, worker productivity, or profit. Management analysts help firms remain competitive in an increasingly complex industry. Management analysts can work as single practitioners, for the government, or as part of large, international consulting team. Management analysts collect, review and analyze information and advise managers on decisions, formally acting as problem solvers in a multitude of businesses. An associate’s degree and job experience can qualify a management analyst in private industry though many employers prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree. A well rounded background in business, management, accounting, marketing, economics, statistics, computer and information science or engineering, depending upon field of specialization, are core requirements. Experience in management, human resources, and information technology combined superior communication skills and discipline assure success as a management analyst.

8. Database Administrators earn $72,900 in the category of highest paying entry level jobs. Database administrators utilize database software to store, collect, organize and manage data depending upon field of industry. Database administrators assist in identifying user needs, the complete start of up a database, as well as testing, backing up, securing, and verifying data integrity. Database administrators must possess think logically and be up to date on all technological advancements. Database administrators are required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or a related technology field. An increasing number of employers seek candidates with master’s degrees.

9. Registered Nurses have the potential to earn $68,160, and are among the highest paying entry level jobs depending upon field of specialization and educational background. Nurses treat, educate, and support patients and their families, regardless of field of specialty. Nurses also assist in diagnostic tests, analyse test results, operate medical machinery, administer treatment, assess pain and administer pain relief, and assist in follow up treatments. Registered nurses can enter the field of nusing with an associates degree though most employers prefer a completed bachelor’s of science degree in nursing. All nurses must have appropriate licensing in order to perform their job as a vital proponent in front line medical care. Nurses must have exceptional communication and leadership skills and critical thinking abilities.

10. Landscape Architects are amongst the highest paying entry level jobs earning $64,000 yearly. Landscape architects create research, plan, and design the layout of sites to functionally address the location of buildings, roads, and plant life at a site. Landscape architects meet with clients and other professionals after preparing models and cost estimates to create beauty and harmony within a natural environment. Landscape architects also oversee or supervise the construction of projects from the initial planning stages to the end result. Landscape architects also focus on the restoration of natural places destroyed by humans in instances of wetlands, stream corridors, mines, and forests. Landscape architects collaborate with building architects, surveyors, foresters, environmental engineers, and other engineers to assist in arrangement, restoration, and/or distribution of buildings, roads, and natural resources adhering to state, local, or federal regulations. A bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture is a base requirement in this field, with a master’s degree usually preferred and sometimes offered through employers. A background in surveying, landscape design and construction, landscape ecology, site design, urban and regional planning are essential as a landscape architect.

Source: U.S. Dept Of Labor

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