6 Reasons to Not Transfer Colleges

College is a time for a lot of life decisions. And one of those decisions is picking the right school. If you don’t think you’ve chosen the right school, think twice. Maybe you’re ready to transfer, maybe you’re not. Here are six good reasons to think twice:

  1. Because you’re a quitter.

    If you’re unhappy at your college, is this your college’s fault? If you’re considering quitting due to frequent bad days and cranky moods, make sure you’re not just marginally depressed. College is what you make of it; don’t let negativity get the best of you.

  2. Lack of friends.

    Leaving an academic institution because your social life stinks means that you’ve got a priority imbalance and you’re not creative. There are hundreds of simple ways to make friends, from joining clubs to leading study groups. Try a little harder, and focus on your schoolwork. There is life beyond your social network.

  3. Because you’re embarrassed.

    Everyone’s done something phenomenally stupid, and it’s not the end of the world. If you’ve fallen on your face (literally or figuratively), there’s nothing that says you can’t get back in the saddle and try again. Have a little perseverance, and a lot of gut. And don’t be so self-conscious — life is much too short for that.

  4. Because you’re homesick.

    Homesickness is a part of college life, but don’t let it take over your mind and heart. Think of college as a reason to embark on new beginnings, and know that home will always exist, even if it’s only in your mind.

  5. You’re not ready.

    If you’re not ready to leave community college for a four-year school, don’t force it. Spend your time at your first school wisely, and move on in an appropriate manner. It’s not a race, or a contest — it’s your college degree. Respect that, and know that it just takes time.

  6. Your classes are too hard/easy.

    If your classes aren’t challenging enough, or are too difficult, chances are they will be that way at another school. Hang in there for a little while, and talk with a career or admissions counselor about your on-campus options.

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