7 Movies That Actually Deserve a Prequel

Good news, everyone: Prometheus hits theaters today, and it’s time to celebrate with yet another Internet article about movies! As Prometheus is a prequel to Ridley Scott’s classic Alien, we thought we’d look at which other classic movies out there actually deserve a prequel. Here are seven of them.

  1. Lord of the Rings

    Prequel Deserved: The Hobbit

    And it’s a good thing, too. This particular prequel exists, has finished filming, and debuts later this year. Movie buffs and fantasy geeks everywhere will have their chance to return to The Shire, and should be supremely excited. But we prefer the Leonard Nimoy version.

  2. Passion of the Christ

    Prequel Deserved: The Old Testament

    As if The Ten Commandments and The Last Temptation of Christ weren’t enough. The release of Passion of the Christ gave us media arcs ad nauseum, and we were left wanting more. Did you make jokes for a month at the expense of your favorite Christian? Good. Now imagine the mileage you’ll get from a vengeful God.

  3. There Will Be Blood

    Prequel Deserved: There Might Be Blood Later

    Where did Daniel Plainview come from? Only the most dubious science can prove he was born in that well. In There Might Be Blood Later, we’d see the young Daniel Plainview, just as Upton Sinclair never intended. Psychology fans everywhere would enjoy a trip through the nature and nurture that created the complex character. And with the half-hearted title promise of violence at some point, there’s no reason not to make this film.

  4. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

    Prequel Deserved: How Stella Originally Lost Her Groove

    Because inquiring minds want to know. And because we need some Whoopi in our lives — those Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit video tapes are wearing out.

  5. Back to the Future

    Prequel Deserved: Forward From the Past

    If where they’re going, they don’t need roads — we really want to go there. In Forward From the Past, we’d see a young Doc Brown, mad science-ing his way through life. Throw in some ill-explained alien warfare (Doc Brown versus Commander Kruge, anyone?), and you’ve got a bigger, better sci-fi summer tentpole than Prometheus.

  6. The Graduate

    Prequel Deserved: The Student

    We don’t care that Ben is schtupping the mother of the girl with whom he falls in love. If the recent graduate has so much sex and drama in his life post-college, we want to know what his glory days were like. Was he a reporter for the college newspaper? Was he in a fraternity? Was he a ladies man? Did he sleep with any of his unhappy, aging female professors? Were they hotter than Anne Bancroft? Important questions deserve important answers, Ben Braddock.

  7. Fantasia

    Prequel Deserved: Mildly Amusinga

    If animation and classical music are your bag, no doubt you love Disney’s Fantasia movies. And who wouldn’t want to see more? In Mildly Amusinga, the Disney characters tackle some of the most boring classical music of all time. No Pines of Rome, no supernatural Socerer’s Apprentice antics — just Mickey Mouse grocery shopping to elevator music.

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