7 Supposedly Haunted Universities

As if the skyrocketing tuition cost of higher education isn’t frightening enough, consider the fact that several colleges and universities across the U.S. are reportedly haunted. The crowded, stinky dormitory you’re stuck living in may be home to the ghost of a young girl who died after setting herself on fire while melting chocolate, or the spirit of an old man who suffocated in the basement, or the renowned and definitely dead American playwright Eugene O’Neill! Below are just seven of the apparently dozens of haunted colleges and universities. Interestingly, each school we name seems to take a weird sort of pride in their reputation for the paranormal phenomena. Read on, if you dare!

  1. Ohio University:

    According to the British Society of Psychical Research, Athens, Ohio, is the 13th most haunted place on Earth, and Ohio University enjoys the dubious reputation for being the most haunted campus in the country. The attic of Jefferson Hall is home to an unnamed floating, transparent woman, Crawford Hall is home to the ghost of a student named Laura who fell to her death from a fourth-floor window, and Brown House is home to the spirit of Millie Brown, who after kindly donating the house to the university, died and returned to haunt its residents.

  2. Michigan State University:

    Not to be outdone by their Midwest rivals, Michigan State University also claims to have spirits of the undead floating around and causing trouble in several dorms, as well as the University’s garden and physical plant. In Holmes Hall, do NOT get on the elevator, as it runs erratically thanks to a pair of ghosts living on the sixth floor. Residents on the 12th floor of Hubbard Hall have reported hearing the sounds of running and ghostly laughter, sounds that you never hear in a dorm! The ghost of an old man is occasionally seen in the oak basement of Mason Hall, although it’s possible he’s just lost and needs directions to the physical plant.

  3. Lincoln Memorial University:

    Below the Mason-Dixon line, pretty much every college and university you can name is haunted. Tennessee’s Lincoln Memorial University, which was chartered on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Feb. 12, 1897, is no exception. Residents of the university’s Grant-Lee Hall, which nearly burned to the ground in 1904 in a fire that claimed the life of a woman and her child, have reported hearing phantom footsteps and knocking on doors, seeing doorknobs turn and a mysterious, silent lady in red moving through the hallways.

  4. Huntingdon College:

    Another mysterious lady in red haunts Pratt Hall at Huntingdon College. Back in 1910, a young girl named either Martha or Margaret arrived on the Alabama campus from New York only to find herself alienated from her fellow students. As the school year progressed, Martha’s behavior became more and more disturbing, and included wandering Pratt Hall at night while dressed in red and staring at but not speaking to the other residents. Tragically, Martha committed suicide in her room wearing red robe and draped in a red bedspread. Ever since her suicide, residents have reported seeing Martha’s ghost in Pratt Hall, passing through walls and doors.

  5. Eastern Illinois University:

    Pemberton Hall at Eastern Illinois University was built in 1909 and is the oldest such residence in the state. The building is a historic landmark and, you guessed it, it’s haunted! Mary, the ghost of a counselor who was traumatized after a resident of Pemberton was brutally attacked and murdered by a crazed janitor, is occasionally seen floating throughout Pemberton, as if keeping protective watch on its residents. Over the years, residents of Pemberton have reported seeing bloody footprints, hearing ghostly whispers and knocks throughout the building.

  6. Boston University:

    Leave it to the prestigious Boston University to lay claim to being home to the ghost of Eugene O’Neill, one of the world’s most highly regarded playwrights. BU’s Shelton Hall is creepy; residents have reported the lights suddenly dimming, and random, erratic stops on the elevator. OK, so maybe that’s just normal stuff that happens in every old building. But residents have also reported seeing the ghost of O’Neill, who died in room 401 of what was then the Shelton Hotel. Perhaps unfairly, English majors do not receive any additional credit toward their degree if they are lucky enough to catch sight of O’Neill.

  7. University of Montevallo:

    Located in Alabama, the highly ranked University of Montevallo boasts a history of especially weird paranormal happenings. In 1908, a hapless sophomore ended up setting herself on fire while making fudge in the Main Dorm. Her ghost has been heard screaming and moaning in the Main Dorm’s hallways, and an image of her burning face seen on the door of her dorm room. Meanwhile, over on the grounds of King House, the ghost of the man who built it, Edmund King, is sometimes seen carrying a lantern and wandering the orchards and cemetery, apparently searching for silver he buried somewhere on the property.

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