8 Must-Have Apps for the Scatterbrained Student

It’s an app world; we just live in it. And students, especially the scatterbrained ones, should take advantage of new technologies. Using apps to your benefit is one of the marks of a savvy student. Don’t get left in the dust — it’s completely possible to have a well-organized and prioritized life without much hassle or foresight. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or your personal computer, these eight apps are must-haves for the scatterbrained student.

  1. Google Calendar

    Whether it’s Google, Apple, or some other brand, the scatterbrained student must have a calendar program. (Google sets the standard, but Fantastical is also worth a try for Mac lovers.) You can set alerts simply and easily for study time, test days, and campus or work events. You can even schedule naps. If you’re aiming to get your degree, the best thing you can do for your peace of mind is this: Stay organized. Don’t get behind due to not thinking ahead. Instead, let yourself be saved by the bell. Bonus: Most calendar apps either come standard with your gadget, or they’re free at the app store. And they’ll painlessly sync with your alarm clock and your e-mail.

  2. Wolfram Alpha

    It’s the problem-solving program that could, and now it’s available in app form. If you’ve got a question about sociology, demographics, or complex physics, Wolfram Alpha’s got your answer. Take a little time on the front end to discern the best way to input questions, but even the most harried of students won’t take long to learn. Start by looking at examples here, and enjoy having the world’s best problem solver right at your fingertips. Wolfram Alpha is great for conversions, population questions, math issues, and statistics.

  3. CloudApp

    If you’ve ever needed to share a Power Point, a screenshot, or anything else on the fly, you’ve likely used CloudApp. If you’re new to cloud computing and the app world, take heart. CloudApp is simple, easy to use, and free to purchase at Apple’s app store. Even the most scatterbrained of students can easily learn to drag, drop, and access professors’ and other students’ files. Sharing has never been quicker, easier, or more mobile. (If you’re not into CloudApp, try Dropbox. It’s free, easy, and every bit as useful.)

  4. DoOneThing

    If you’re hopelessly scatterbrained and need some massive help, DoOneThing is the little app that’s got your back. DoOneThing helps you prioritize and remember the most necessary of your tasks for the day. Providing an easily accessible display and a source of inspiration beyond procrastination, DoOneThing morphs the scatterbrained student’s computer, tablet, or phone into a productive tool for prioritizing. If you only do one thing today, purchase this $1.99 app.

  5. Evernote

    There are a plethora of notetaking apps, but Evernote is a free, cross-platform standard. Noteshelf is also a favorite for students, but the scatterbrained need to stay focused on one thing: lack of distractions. If you’re easily derailed by bells and whistles, pick a note-taking app that allows for only that. You can format and organize while you’re reviewing material before test day. Your No. 1 priority during class time should be taking good notes.

  6. Blackboard Learn

    Scatterbrained students also take classes online. And if your school uses Blackboard, you’ve got to have the app. Blackboard Learn provides a mobile learning platform for remembering assignments, participating in discussions, and completing other virtual classroom tasks. If you’re constantly on-the-go — or just super forgetful — Blackboard Learn can organize lots of things for you. Keeping you abreast of news and assignment updates with an alert system, Blackboard Learn takes a lot of pressure off of your day planner.

  7. Kindle

    Maybe you haven’t taken the e-reading plunge, but now’s the time. Students from scatterbrained to summa cum laude can use the Kindle app for purchasing, reading, and annotating course texts. If your professor OKs electronic textbooks, there’s nothing you can’t do with this app. Find books at the press of a button, and often cheaper than the paper versions. Paperless textbooks also lengthen the life of your back — and backpack.

  8. Your College’s App

    It’s the 21st century, and you’re a scatterbrained mess. How are you supposed to keep up with e-mail, assignments, your family, test dates, and what’s going on in the world? Easy. Your college’s app keeps you informed of up-to-the-minute campus news, sports scores, and even inclement weather warnings. Make sure you’ve got your college’s app close by at all times. You might be flaky, but you don’t want to miss anything!

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