9 College Campuses to Watch on Election Day

It’s November of 2012, which means more than just an onslaught of mustaches for Americans. Super Tuesday is November 6th, and the voting populace will take to the polls. Early voting has already closed throughout the country, and absentees have sent their ballots, as well. College students comprise a hefty portion of the voting public, and those currently enrolled in college courses are typically more likely to vote than their non-student peers, says the Campus Vote Project.

The outcome of the election matters to all Americans, and it’s important to exercise our right to elect those that will best represent us to our fellow states, our Congress, and the world. And it’s been quite a campaign season. Students on college campuses the nation over have rallied for and against political issues both foreign and domestic, and registered to vote in scads. In the final days of the campaigns, stops and stump speeches at college campuses are common. Come election day, there are a few institutes of higher learning you’ll definitely want to watch. And the winners are:

  1. Palm Beach State

    Leave it to Florida to be a battleground state. The tight-knit school in the south Florida town of Lake Worth accepted President Bill Clinton as a speaker last Friday, Nov. 2. Students were excited about Clinton’s campaign stop in support of President Obama’s re-election, and believe that the visit speaks highly of the school. As with the entire state of Florida, the nation will watch as the student voters in Lake Worth turn out on Super Tuesday.

  2. Stanford University

    California’s not a battleground state this election season, but the fine students of Stanford are mobilizing their efforts to influence the vote in the swing state of Nevada. Both Democrat and Republican student groups are engaging in last-minute phone banking in attempts to persuade Nevada voters to cast their votes accordingly. And if you don’t think college students can make a difference, you’re wrong. By Halloween, approximately 50 Stanford Democrats had made more than 18,000 campaign-related phone calls to Nevada citizens.

  3. University of Iowa

    “You really ought to give Iowa a try.” — The Music ManWith six critical electoral votes and a long history of mattering in national elections, the heartland state of Iowa is once again a tough battleground state. Both candidates have spent massive amounts of money and time in the state, and there’s a 6.1% chance that the state will provide the decisive electoral votes, according to the minds at FiveThirtyEight. While several Iowa universities have been campaign stops for both candidates, the University of Iowa has received lots of election attention this year, including from cast members of Glee. With President Obama famously (and expensively) campaigning at the school at a grassroots event in September (and also in April), both Iowa City and its university have proven important points on the campaign trail.

  4. After Hurricane Sandy ruined campaign plans throughout the Eastern Seaboard, New Hampshire’s hotly contested electoral votes remain undecided in the election’s final days. With a fine political science department including scholar Dante Scala, the University of New Hampshire has provided both academic resources on the election and a physical space for campaign stops. President Clinton spoke in support of President Obama on Oct. 3, and all eyes are on the small — but important — toss-up state.

  5. Ohio University

    In reality, every college in Ohio is an important one in this election. In the final days before Super Tuesday, pundits, pollsters, and statisticians agree that Ohio could make or break the election for President Obama or Governor Romney. With its 18 electoral votes, both candidates have spent time and money attempting to sway undecided voters in the state. At a rally at Ohio University in October, President Obama spoke to a crowd of more than 14,000, addressing issues of tuition affordability, student loan interest rates and payment plans, and future job prospects for college graduates. The importance of Ohio in the presidential election can’t be overstated, and all eyes will look to the battleground state on Tuesday night. No pressure, Ohio.

  6. University of Colorado

    A well-fought win in President Obama’s 2008 campaign, Denver saw a historic candidate Obama deliver one of the most important speeches of his political career. And political scientists from the school have been weighing in on the election probabilities throughout campaign season. A model from the university, released in August, points to a Romney presidential win. Although independents and women are Romney’s largest problems in the state, the nation will answer the question “Does the model prove out?” tomorrow night.

  7. University of Virginia

    The University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, always merits discussion during election season. This year, the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics has called the 2012 presidential race “too close to call.” The toss-up state of Virginia is baffling political scientists this election cycle. We’ll know after Super Tuesday which camp of scholars was correct. In August of 2012, the university declined a request from President Obama’s campaign. Hosting such an event, U.Va officials claimed, would too fully disrupt campus life.

  8. College of Southern Nevada

    If you’re a fan of celebrities, you might just want to watch this college for the stars. A-list actress Eva Longoria, Obama for America’s National Co-Chair, introduced the popular President at a campaign stop last week. Nevada is a key battleground state in this election cycle, with six electoral votes famously undecided. Both candidates are engaging voters in this state in the final hours of their 2012 campaigns.

  9. Your Campus

    Whether you’re an offline or online student, watch your college campus for updates during election day. If your campus is also a voting location, make sure you have mapped alternate routes to class if necessary. Read all-campus e-mails and social media update alerts. And don’t forget to vote!

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