Online AA in Education – Non-Licensure (Liberty University)

Liberty University is considered as the largest evangelical university that gives a focus on the institutions’ desire to give education with the focus on the philosophies of a Christian faith and belief. Being Christ centered, their Associate of Arts in Education (Non-Licensure) is a recognized online college degree that impacts the life of the student in his chosen career path. The education program wants to develop this trending where students will be able to practice their craft with the perspective to the beliefs of Christianity. Current popular systems in the new methods to teaching shall also be applied to the strictest sense possible, and will lead to the possible emergence of creating their own lessons plans they can use for the process. The course program is not acceptable for ACSI licensure examinations.

Course will range to 60 hours in total, and this course will entail that students must take around 15 hours to accomplish Associate of Arts in Education (Non-Licensure) and be a candidate for graduation. Associate degrees are recommended for those that want to have the career start they need for the graduate programs. As candidates for graduation, students will be required to take around 50 percent or 9 hours for the LU program, whether it will be from the typical online systems or those that are from the residential programs of the University. Subjects that are part of the course outline include the Composition and Rhetoric, Composition and Literature, Educational Philosophy and Psychology of Childhood.

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