Associate’s Degree in Accounting – Financial Investigation (Rasmussen College)

It’s a fact that there are many anomalies taking place in financial institutions today sometimes unknown to the management and to depositors. Additionally, online financial transactions have become very common these days due to the criminal acts of fraudulent people. For this reason, financial investigators or forensic accountants continue to be in demand.

If your interest lies in financial investigation, you can pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting focusing on Financial Investigation at the Rasmussen College. This program provides a combination of courses in accounting as well as law and criminal justice. The aim is to help students determine and keep a record of how money is moving within an organization.

At Rasmussen College, you can pursue this associate in accounting degree purely online. This option is very flexible and convenient as you can work at your own pace and time to complete your course work.

Specific courses covered in this program include intermediate accounting, financial investigation as well as criminal law and procedures. Through these subjects, students are expected to learn the right ways of determining whether an activity is illegal and how to work well with investigators, law enforcement people and lawyers during the process of investigation and court trials.

With a degree in accounting specializing in financial investigation, you will be able to play an important role protecting banks and other financial institutions from fraudulent activities both online and offline. As technology advances, more people are finding it easy to commit crimes particularly through electronic means.

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