Associate’s Degree in Business Management – Business Administration (Rasmussen College)

If you possess great leadership skills and are looking to enter the corporate world, you can prepare yourself by pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management with Business Administration specialization. This degree will let you enter the world of industry and commerce with the right knowledge and skills.

Rasmussen College offers this course which can be completed either online or on campus whichever is most convenient and flexible for you. If you choose to pursue this course online, you will still get top quality instruction from faculty members who are themselves experienced professionals.

Specifically, an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management with focus on Business Administration will arm students with the skills to manage daily business operations. This covers various aspects from accounting and payroll to human resources and supply management. Subjects include customer service, payroll accounting and business ethics.

Through this associate degree program, students will learn to develop an effective customer service strategy, cope with different types of customers, increase customer retention and determine customer satisfaction. In terms of payroll accounting, participants will analyze ways to compute and pay wages, social security taxes and benefits, payroll accounting systems and records as well as federal and state employment insurance taxes. Additionally, students will be able to better understand the legal consequences of unethical behavior.

With an associate degree in business management focusing on business administration, graduates can pursue a career as an advertising sales agent and customer service. An opportunity to move up to management positions awaits those who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

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