Associate’s Degree in Business Management – Call Center Management (Rasmussen College)

Not all business organizations today have an in-house call center to handle inquiries, complaints from customers and technical support. Some prefer to outsource this aspect to a third party including companies that don’t have enough space in their premises to accommodate a call center and especially those that want to improve their profits and efficiency.

As call centers are an important requirement of large businesses, jobs for call center agents and managers are foreseen to experience growth moving onwards. If your interest is towards this path, you can arm yourself with the right college education.

At Rasmussen College, you can pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management with Call Center Management specialization. The course will teach students how to improve on their verbal communication skills particularly in terms of speaking with customers to contribute to the success of the business organization. This program can be completed online for your utmost convenience and flexibility.

At Rasmussen College, you can be sure to gain the right knowledge and skills. Faculty members handling this associate degree are well trained and have extensive experience managing call centers. They are prepared to teach students the practical knowledge they need to perform their jobs well and keep up with the competition.

Specific courses covered here include call center strategic leadership, labor force management and operations management. Through these courses, students will learn how to come up with a good team, quality assurance strategies and determine performance metrics, staffing requirements as well as understanding service management requirements. They will also be made aware of the advantages and disadvantages of software tools used for call center operation.

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