Associate’s Degree in Business Management – Entrepreneurship (Rasmussen College)

Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding experience. With no boss to report to, you control your time and work. If you’re the business-oriented type of person who is not afraid to take risks and are looking to put up your own business later on, you can enroll in associate in business management course to prepare you for your goal.

Rasmussen College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management program with focus on Entrepreneurship. The program will prepare students to create their own business plan and the ways to hurdle challenges along the way. Participants are also expected to have a grasp of the basic concepts of starting a business and the ways to succeed in their chosen field.

The best part about enrolling at Rasmussen College is you have the option to pursue the course on campus or online. The online distance learning program offers more flexibility and convenience as it allows students to complete their coursework online at their own pace and time.

The Associate of Applied Science in Business Management specializing in Entrepreneurship covers the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, product and service planning as well as entrepreneurial finance. Students will learn to make case studies, identify market opportunities and their competition, develop their product and service plan, analyze ways in which ventures are financed, explore methods for obtaining capital for starting out and for operation purposes.

Small businesses in the U.S. today comprise a majority of all employer firms and are instrumental in generating 64 percent of new jobs in the past 15 years. Half of these businesses are operated at home and two percent of them are franchises.

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