Associate’s Degree in Business Management – Human Resource Management (Rasmussen College)

Human resources are vital in any type of business organization. Despite the advancements in technologies, it is a fact that companies can’t fully succeed without their employees performing a wide variety of tasks to accomplish business goals. However, it is also vital that companies select only the most qualified people to join their team and keep them satisfied in their jobs moving forward to contribute to the organization’s success. This task can be done effectively by a human resource manager.

If you’re a people-oriented type of individual, you can enroll in Rasmussen College’s Associate of Applied Science in Business Management program focusing on Human Resource Management. This is the course to take if you want to start a career right away in the human resource department. The best part is you can complete this entirely online for your convenience. By opting for the online distance learning method, you can have a flexible schedule as you can work at your own pace and time.

With an associate degree in human resource management, you will gain the knowledge on how to best manage a company’s vital resource and support their needs in their pursuit to run the organization as efficiently as they could. Through this program, students will learn how to recruit the right people for the right position, maintain contact in the community, interact with other organizations and inform groups and other organizations about job openings.

Specific subjects covered in this program include human resource recruitment and selection, information systems and compensation administration.

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