Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice (Rasmussen College)

Crimes happen every now and then and as such, more people are needed to help prevent them from occurring and to help investigate and solve those that have already taken place. It is of great benefit then for people wanting to get into the criminal justice field to obtain the proper education that will prepare them well for their future career.

If this is the field you want, then you can enroll at Rasmussen College. This regionally accredited institution offers an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree program that can be conveniently completed online. However, there is also an option to pursue it on campus or combine it with the online distance learning method. With this flexibility and convenience being offered to students, you can continue working without disrupting your schedule.

Through this associate degree program, students are expected to learn about the criminal justice system, the legal processes involved in law enforcement, the courts and the correction systems. Those enrolled in this program will also be exposed to the issues in security, law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and domestic violence and are expected to develop their critical thinking skills.

Rasmussen College also offers various specializations for its Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree programs. These include corrections, homeland security, law enforcement and psychology. Students are guaranteed to gain quality education from Rasmussen College and a good foundation in law, legal and evidence procedures and be able to understand criminology.

A degree in criminal justice provides employment opportunities in criminal law, corrections and private security. Graduates can also start a career in human services specifically in the areas of family services, juvenile justice and probation.

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