Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education – English Language Learner (Rasmussen College)

Many people have a passion for teaching small children. Although it is a huge challenge as it requires a lot of patience and the right teaching skills, this profession can be very rewarding particularly when you know you are able to help kids gain knowledge and improve on their basic skills.

Those wanting to start an early career in teaching small children and help them in learning the English language, you can enroll at Rasmussen College. This institution offers an Associate of Applied Science in Early Education degree program with focus on English Language Learner (ELL). Through this program, aspiring teachers can expect to solve the language barrier issues with their young students and encourage these kids to maintain their native language and culture.

Some of the main courses offered include language and literacy acquisition, curriculum and instruction for ELLs and involving parents of ELLs. These courses will teach students to determine how infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-aged children acquire their language and literacy skills, explore strategies in creating curriculum for ELLs and learn the methods for maintaining the involvement of the parents in their child’s English language education.

The U.S. today is a melting pot of numerous cultures and not everybody knows how to speak the English language. This is because many migrants prefer to teach their children their native language and as a result, kids brought up in the U.S. experience difficulty later on with their English skills as they grow up.

But thankfully, there are child care centers that provide quality education to children and teach them to develop their English language skills to help them in their future. Teachers with a background in early childhood education and in particular with a specialization in the English Language Learner are best equipped in this aspect.

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