Associate’s Degree in Information Systems Management – Computer Information Technology (Rasmussen College)

Computers today are a staple in most business organizations. Computer networks are very common as well as these enables fast sharing of information between the management people and employees even in remote locations. And in order for these computers to remain stable and work efficiently, they need to be managed and maintained well by reliable IT staff.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in information technology particularly one involving computers, you can enroll in Rasmussen College’s Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Management with focus on Computer Information Technology. This degree will prepare you for a position as an on-site help desk staff involved in troubleshooting computer issues and help your colleagues in using the right desktop software and internet applications. In addition, it will help you in the industry certifications you may need to take after completing the program.

Key courses included in this degree program are e-commerce which also focuses on improving customer relations; Microsoft Windows Workstations which will teach students the process of installing operation systems and maintaining them; and Information Technology Capstone which will let students apply what they have learned including solving real world IT issues.

At Rasmussen College, you can enjoy a flexible schedule for your classes whether online or on campus. Regardless if you’re currently working or not, you will enjoy the convenience of this associate degree program as it allows you to work at your own pace and time.

The U.S. Bureau of Statistics reports that people with IT knowledge face bright employment opportunities moving forward. This is so as companies require their computer systems to be properly maintained and fixed when technological issues occur.

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