Associate’s Degree in Information Systems Management – Database Administration (Rasmussen College)

Databases are the life of any profit or non-profit organization. It is here where their loads of most important information are stored and as such, they need to keep it secure all the time from threats and other possible internet security issues to ensure the organization’s success. The IT department normally handles this aspect and people tasked to do this need sufficient educational background in database administration and Rasmussen College is one institution where you can obtain such education.

An Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Management focusing on Database Administration can get you started in this particular career. You even have a choice whether to pursue the degree online or on campus. The convenience and flexibility are offered for interested students hence there’s no reason why this could not be completed early on or in due time. While either the online or on campus path is available, students can also choose to go for the blended program which involves a combination of both depending on their schedule.

This program helps students learn the proper ways to solve database problems in a quick manner and maintain vital information in a stable environment. Key courses involved are project planning and documentation, Microsoft Windows workstation and Oracle Database administration.

Database technology has continued to advance through the years as companies require revisions and upgrades in their platforms. Students enrolled at Rasmussen College can be sure to gain the right skills and knowledge to help them start a career in database administration. With an associate degree, you can initially work as database administrator in an entry level.

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