Associate’s Degree in Medical Administration (Rasmussen College)

Managing a healthcare facility can present various challenges. But with the right educational background on medical administration, you will take on the challenges with strength and the appropriate decision making and leadership skills.

If this is where your passion lies, you can enroll in an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Administration degree at Rasmussen College.

This associate degree will help you run healthcare facilities smoothly and help patients and their families in their various concerns. You will learn to conduct patient interviews, file insurance claims and order supplies.

Key courses included here are medical office procedures, basic and intermediate ICD-9-CM coding and medical transcription I. As a medical administrator, you will eventually be involved in scheduling patents in the medical office, do some coding of medical diagnoses and transcribe dictations by physicians to convert them to a medical report format. Other subjects included computer applications, career development, ambulatory care coding, medical insurance and billing, medical terminology, medical law and ethics, medical writing, style and grammar, pathophysiology, keyboarding, medical administration capstone and success strategies.

Job prospects for this sector are positive moving forward. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the position of medical administrator or medical secretary is experiencing rapid growth at 27 percent as the medical industry continues to expand. Medical administrators can help in hospitals, nursing homes, in a physician’s office, medical clinics and centers among others.

As a graduate of an associate degree, you can start your career as assistant administrator coordinating with other department managers in hospitals. If you wish to move up to a higher position, you may need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the same field.

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