Associate Degree in Multimedia Technologies (Rasmussen College)

Multimedia jobs are numerous today in the computer and entertainment industries and professionals are even given a choice between working in a real office setting or in the comfort of their homes. If your passion is towards audio, video, website creation and graphics design, it may greatly benefit you to pursue a degree in Multimedia Technologies.

Rasmussen College is offering an Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia Technologies degree program. This certificate program focuses on teaching students the basic theories of visual and interactive media design, project management and portfolio management. Various specializations are also available such as Digital Design and Animation and Web Design.

Graduates of this program are expected to learn the proper ways of creating multimedia projects that involve art techniques as well as audio and video skills. Careers they can choose after completion of the course are in fine arts, marketing or in the entertainment industry.

In the field of marketing, multimedia advertising is a popular trend today giving graduates vast opportunities in advertising agencies, public relations firms, internet marketing companies and other media organizations such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Positions you can get into are ad advertising manager, creative director, marketing or product development manager, media analyst as well as market research and public relations manager.

In the field of entertainment, graduates of multimedia technologies can get involved in film making, video gaming, visual effects and animation. Positions you can apply for are as digital camera operator, multimedia artist, sound engineering technician, sound effects editor, dubbing editor, game designer and programmer, game tester, animator or as audio recording engineer.

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