Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice – Corrections (Rasmussen College)

The criminal justice system is not only tasked to punish people involved in criminal acts but it also ensures that criminals are taught the right discipline to improve themselves and their lives when they are eventually set free. This is where the corrections system comes in.

Workers in the corrections system are in great demand today. If you’re interested in this field, you can enroll at Rasmussen College and start your career in as short as two years. Rasmussen College offers the flexibility and convenience through its online distance learning program. It provides affordable and quality tertiary education that prepares students for their chosen field.

The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice with focus on Corrections at Rasmussen College will help students develop their communication and critical thinking skills as well as have a good grasp of the cultural diversity present in society today. The knowledge and skills gained from this degree program will eventually help graduates maintain order in the corrections system.

Major courses included are case management, counseling clients and the legal principles in corrections. Through these courses, students will learn to manage the cases of clients, perform documentation work and implement strategies for their rehabilitation. Writing court reports, case entries, recommendations and violation summaries will also be involved.

In the area of counseling, students will be taught how to examine the process taking into consideration the different settings such as jails, prisons, group homes, in-patient and outpatient treatment centers among others. On the legal aspect, the program will teach students how to look into constitutional amendments and explore various concepts such as officer professionalism, best practices, offenders’ rights and operational procedures.

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