Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement (Rasmussen College)

If you’re somebody who wants to serve his country but are not able to get into the military, you can still get into the law enforcement field in the future by taking an appropriate degree.

Rasmussen College offers an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree program with specialization in Law Enforcement. This degree can be completed online for utmost convenience and flexibility but otherwise, can also be completed on campus. It will teach students the techniques in conducting investigations and the ways to work efficiently with colleagues and other officers.

Key courses included are critical skills in documentation from the crime scene to conviction, practical psychology for law enforcement and legal code for law enforcement. Students will learn the documentation skills particularly in terms of creating reports from search warrants, police reports and case documents and be able to evaluate how they affect the result of legal proceedings. In addition, students are expected to know the importance of effective translation of written reports into court testimonies.

As for practical psychology, students of this associate degree program will learn to relate psychology to their law enforcement work and how it affects them, peace officers, their families and the people in their community. The legal code, on the other hand, teaches students the penalties involved in acts such as homicide and misconduct. The subject also covers the duties and responsibilities of law enforcers and how they can apply the laws to specific groups of people including victims of domestic violence and juveniles.

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