Top 22 Online Degrees Based on Job Prospects and Salary

Many students today especially working adults are enrolling in online degree programs because of the convenience and flexibility that distance learning provides. In typical online programs, classes are not scheduled at set times like traditional classes. Instead, you go through the coursework during your free time. You can schedule your studies around your work and family time. Also, you save time because you don’t have to commute to the campus.

To help you choose an online degree, we researched the top degrees with the best job prospects and salaries. We looked at the data of The Occupational Outlook Handbook by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is an important resource because it has information about job prospects for many occupations. Also, it has salary information and degree requirements for each job.

In our research, we discovered 22 online degrees with good or very good job opportunities. We ranked these degrees by job opportunities, salary, and school admissions.

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Online Degrees With Very Good Job Opportunities (Ranked by Salary)

1. MBA Degree in Technology Management
    Job: Computer and Information Systems Manager

2. PhD Degree in Computer Science
    Job: Computer Scientist

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering
    Job: Computer Software Engineer

4. Master’s Degree in Education Administration
    Job: Education Administrator

5. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
    Job: Computer Systems Analyst

6. Bachelor’s Degree in Databases
    Job: Database Administrator

7. Master’s Degree in Operations Research
    Job: Operations Research Analyst

8. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networks
    Job: Network and Computer Systems Administrator

9. Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
    Job: Registered Nurse

10. Master’s Degree in Epidemiology
      Job: Epidemiologist

11. Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education
      Job: Special Education Teacher

12. Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice
      Jobs: Probation Officer and Correctional Treatment Specialist

13. Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology
      Job: Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Online Degrees With Good Job Opportunities (Ranked by Salary)

14. Bachelor’s Degree in Communications
      Job: Technical Writer

15. Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science
      Job: Environmental Scientist and Specialist

16. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
      Jobs: Accountant and Auditor

17. Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction
      Job: Instructional Coordinator

18. Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management
      Job: Cost Estimator

19. Master’s Degree in Library Science
      Job: Librarian

20. Master’s Degree in Counseling
      Job: Counselor

21. Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems
      Job: Computer Support Specialist

A Degree with Good Job Opportunities but School Admissions are Competitive

22. Master’s Degree in Health Administration
      Job: Medical and Health Services Manager

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