Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management – Human Resources (Rasmussen College)

Managing employees in an organization can be a very challenging job. But if you’re up to the challenge and you love working with people, then you can be effective in the human resources department.

You can enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with focus on Human Resources (HR) at the Rasmussen College. Obtaining this degree will allow you to eventually contribute to an organization’s growth and be an asset of the company. After completing the course, you will then be able to help run an organization efficiently and come up with effective ways to develop connections with the community and hire only the most qualified people for the job.

Subjects covered in this program include human resource recruitment and selection, information systems and compensation administration. These will help students analyze the different theories and methods used in the process of staffing, planning, recruiting and selection, understand the role of human resources information systems including design, acquisition and implementation as well as determining the proper compensation for employees. In the area of compensation, students will also be taught on job analysis, job description and job evaluation which are important factors.

The employment outlook for people in the field of human resources is expected to be bright moving forward. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees HR professionals in the U.S. to reach 25 million by 2016 which is an increase of more than 30,000 for a 10-year period.

HR professionals are normally involved in establishing connections in the community and informing the general public about job openings in their organization. Travel may even be required when recruiting job applicants.

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