Bachelor’s Degree: BS in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security (Rasmussen College)

Terrorist acts continue around the world and countries today are now more alert on this aspect. The U.S. and other countries have intensified their security measures in recent years particularly after the 9/11 attack that killed thousands of innocent people. Entry and exit points are properly guarded and inspections there are more rigid than before.

This is what homeland security is all about and in order to protect countries and their citizens, more people are needed to work in the criminal justice system. If you are dedicated to get into this field, you can obtain the right educational background at Rasmussen College. This institution offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program focusing on Homeland Security which can be completed online or on campus.

Courses involved in this program are forensic psychology, organized criminal syndicates, special offenders focusing on serial killers and sex offenders. These courses are essential in assisting students better understand the minds of criminals. Criminal offenders often have a complicated state of mind with some of them not even aware why they are committing such acts.

Other aspects that students will learn are on investigation, prosecution and sentencing of syndicates, looking into the rights of victims, media coverage of crimes, interrogation strategies and grief and doing research on recidivism, treatment and re-entry into the community.

Employment opportunities for graduates of this degree program are expected to grow faster than average up until 2018. Graduates can work then as detectives and criminal investigators.

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