Bachelor’s Degree: BS in Criminal Justice – Investigations/Law Enforcement (Rasmussen College)

The field of law enforcement and investigations presents various challenges. But if you’re determined to enter the criminal justice system and serve your community and country, then you should be brave enough to face the challenges that lie ahead and be the best worker that you can be. A rewarding experience awaits people dedicated to enforcing the law and ensuring that people follow them every day.

Obtaining the right education, however, is of utmost priority. You can enroll at Rasmussen College’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with specialization in law enforcement. This will help you better understand the various investigation techniques and the ways to efficiently work well with other officers. Key courses involved are criminal investigations, examination of forensic science and criminal evidence.

Students enrolled in this bachelor degree program are expected to learn how to conduct investigations including interviewing and interrogating witnesses as well as criminal suspects. They will also learn about the criminal justice process and analyze problems in forensic science. Additionally, they will gain knowledge on the basics of criminal evidence such as how they are presented during court trials and the different types of evidence. They are expected to learn how to differentiate between pure hearsay and physical evidence.

Graduates of this program can eventually work as peace officers, probation support specialists, public safety specialists or law enforcement officers. Professionals with law enforcement background will be in demand moving forward until 2018. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of detectives and criminal investigators will increase by 17 percent while the number of probation officers and correction treatment specialists will go up by 19 percent.

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