Online BS in Economics (Utah State University)

A degree in economics can provide you with a well rounded knowledge on the essentials and theories of economics and in fact, this course can be taken with finance and accounting as is the trend in students who wish to pursue a dual major. The theoretical and analytical aspects covered by advanced studies in economics can contribute to people majoring in accounting or finance.

Utah State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Economics program that can be completed purely online. As a distance learning program, the online format can accommodate students from the different parts of the globe through the Blackboard Vista. This is most convenient and flexible to working students as they can complete their coursework any place and any time they want.

This bachelor’s degree program covers major courses such as college algebra, calculus, business statistics, introduction to microeconomics, macroeconomics, managerial economics, economic institutions as well as their history and principles and global economic institutions. Upper division courses offered in the online program include history of economic thought as well as money and banking.

Utah State University’s Bachelor of Science in Economics is under the Department of Economics and Finance. It is also beneficial for students pursuing degrees in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences as they are given the opportunity to gain knowledge on the tools used for policy analysis.

Economists are needed in today’s business industry. Their role is to understand and analyze the profits and losses and they continue to be a valuable part of any business team. Positions you can hold are that of a financial analyst, staff accountant, finance/banking business analyst, data analyst, investments analyst, business process consultant, financial research analyst and marketing analyst.

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