Online BS in Financial Forensics (Colorado Technical University)

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is offering an Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program that to combines a solid foundation in Finance and Accounting with the knowledge and skills required to enter the field of financial investigations. This program, the Bachelor of Science in Financial Forensics, is available through the Colorado Springs campus and through online learning thus students are able to schedule their study periods and course work around their personal and professional commitments. This flexibility allows students to earn their degree from anywhere and at their own pace.

The curriculum of CTU’s BS in Financial Forensics class aim to provide students with a solid foundation in financial regulations and statues, finance and accounting concepts and criminal investigations. Students can choose specialized concentration courses that focus on investigation of money laundering, terrorist financing and forensic accounting. Those who successfully complete the program can pursue careers in industries or organizations that deal with anti money laundering, insurance claims, bank security, law enforcement, and fraud investigations, to name a few.

Students in CTU’s online BS in Financial Forensics degree program can be assured that, although classes are conducted completely online, they still have many opportunities for social interaction. Students have access to live chats and group forums, where they are able to interact and chat with fellow classmates and course instructors. Furthermore, there are several social clubs and extracurricular activities in CTU’s Virtual Commons and communities in various social networking sites where they can participate in.

For more information on Colorado Technical University’s online Bachelor of Science in Financial Forensics degree program, contact a CTU representative or, log on to the CTU website. An information brochure can be requested online.

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