Online BS in Information Technology – Software Systems Engineering (Colorado Technical University)

Colorado Technical University is offering a Bachelor of Information Technology degree program with a concentration in Software Systems Engineering. This program, which is available through the campuses at Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo and Sioux Falls, as well as through online learning, is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamental aspects of IT employers in todays increasingly specialized marketplace consider of critical importance.

The core curriculum of Colorado Technical University’s BSIT – Software Systems Engineering program focuses on the major areas within Information Technology and those who want to acquire a deeper knowledge in software systems engineering may do so by enrolling in 16 additional specialization courses that have been specifically designed to give valuable subject-area expertise. The subject areas of these specialization courses include data structures; object oriented methods; software requirements engineering; software design; introduction to Java programming; project risk management; software processes; and a lot more.

Graduates of Colorado Technical University’s BSIT- Software Systems Engineering degree program are equipped with industry-current knowledge of the design, development and delivery of high-quality IT projects that would meet the standards and expectations of upper management.

In addition to gaining practical experience and a firm understanding of software systems engineering, students will also create a portfolio of projects as part of their academic requirements. This portfolio of works can be used to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge and skills to potential employers.

For more information on CTU’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program with Software Systems Engineering concentration, contact a CTU admissions representative or visit the University website as additional data can be viewed and/or requested for online.

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