Online DBA in International Business (Northcentral University)

Executives of business organizations that want to establish a global presence will be able to further improve their knowledge and skills by pursuing an advanced study focusing on international business. This course will enable them to better understand and manage multinational and international organizations.

Northcentral University offers a Doctor of Business Administration degree program with specialization on International Business. This accredited institution uses a faculty-mentored approach in its online degree program to ensure that students get a personalized attention from their instructors. Northcentral University is also committed to providing only quality education to its students to allow them to achieve their personal goals in their future careers.

Through this doctoral degree program, learners will gain comprehensive training in management, law, government, diplomacy, international studies, economics, finance and marketing. Coursework will also cover international business theory, advanced qualitative and quantitative research, problem-solving techniques in relation to international law, economics, marketing and global strategic planning. Students will also be required to submit a written research project focusing on a problem in the workplace. This final requirement will train students to conduct an investigation on a problem, do some critiquing and then recommend a plan of action.

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