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If you are detail-oriented and like to deal with numbers, an online accounting degree can help you turn your skills into a rewarding career, both financially and personally.

Business Administration
Business administration students learn a broad range of disciplines including finance, marketing, management, and human resources. These disciplines help you become a valuable asset for the top companies.

Business Information Systems
In a business information systems program, you learn about computer programs and business and also gain skills for analyzing and developing complex computer applications and programs. You can market yourself as a professional for any business or organization that needs help with computer systems.

Business Leadership
A business leadership degree is for you if you aspire to be a key leader in an organization. The degree combines the studies of human relations, social science, business, communication, law, and leadership to give you the skills to lead.

Business Sustainability
As an academic discipline, the study of sustainability tackles current organizational issues surrounding sustainability, while bridging the gap in our knowledge to how long term climate change impacts our planet and what impact that businesses and products have on the environment.

Thanks to advances in technology, the demand for skilled communications professionals has boomed in recent years. The internet, cable television, satellite radio and other new forms of communication have revolutionized the way information is conveyed.

Computer Science
If you have an aptitude with technology and great people skills, a career in working with computers could be excellent for you. With an online computer science degree, you’ll study different aspects of information technology, hardware, programming, software applications, and networking.

Criminal Justice
Criminal justice is a great field to study in if you want a career that protects and serves the public good. The field covers different areas including crime control, rehabilitation of offenders, and government systems to uphold the peace.

Graphics and Multimedia
Graphic designers and multimedia developers are at the vanguard of the latest online technologies, creating visual communications and interactive experiences for a variety of business, government and non-profit employers.

Health Administration
Health administration encompasses numerous specializations, including public health, disease prevention, long-term care and health informatics. Healthcare administrators plan and coordinate operations in hospitals, federal research facilities, insurance firms, clinics and home healthcare companies.

Hotel and Hospitality Management
Hotel and hospitality management focuses on how to run a hotel or other hospitality establishment. The area of hospitality management covers several different fields, so the degree earned depends largely on the area you wish to focus on after graduation.

Human Resources
Human resources professionals perform tasks such as interviewing, hiring staff, and handling employee’s relations. Also, they may have the responsibility to participate in strategic planning and policy making within an organization.

International Business
As the world has become more globally connected, degrees in the rapidly growing field of international business have become increasingly sought after. Modern companies need to rely on the assistance of knowledgeable professionals who understand the various facets of doing business overseas.

A management degree can qualify you for many jobs in a wide variety of fields. Whether you get a job in retail, publishing or another corporate field, the degree can help you become a strong leader as well as a knowledgeable one.

With the proliferation of new products and services and the increase of competitors in every industry, businesses and other organizations need strong marketing professionals to promote their products and services and stand out from the crowded marketplace.

If you want to enter an industry with a lot of demand, consider enrolling in an online nursing degree program and becoming a nurse. Many hospitals and health care companies have a nurse shortage because there are not enough nurses in the workforce to meet the health care needs of their patients.

Operations Management
The operations management major covers the part of an organization concerned with development, deployment, and maintenance of processes that create and deliver products and services. As businesses continue to be pressured by eroding margins and increasing price pressure, there is a need for professionals in this field to optimize these processes.

Project Management
Project managers work in any industry or organization where complex processes require planning and evaluation. A project may be defined as any work with a beginning and end where the intention is to create a product.

Psychology degrees are perfect for those who seek to better understand how people work and why they work that way or understand why people think the way they do and make the decisions they make.

As an academic discipline, religious studies seeks to understand how spiritual beliefs have shaped the politics, art and economics of societies around the world.

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