Online MA in Professional Counseling (Liberty University)

Even though providing advice and counseling is something that can be done by anyone who is concerned of the welfare of a friend, a family member, or a colleague, not all people can give sound and professional advise that has been measured and correlated on all sides of an argument or a situation. This is the difference when you learn to be a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling as being offered online by Liberty University. Their professors and teachers are focused on the aim of preparing their students to be equipped with the right skills and disciplines that would assure success in taking licensure and national examinations, after the course has been completed. Aside from showing the proper approach in dealing with various circumstances, Liberty University uses a more basic strategy in addressing the concerns of many people, regardless of what kind of problem it may be.

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling is different in a sense that it stresses more on the application and integration of Psychology with principles found in the teachings of the Bible. A more religious approach to solving issues is more absolute than basing everything on facts that may turn out to be insufficient or lacking of substance. It is observed that many of the Bible’s shared wisdom can also be imparted during counseling sessions, assuring that there would be unbiased answers to many of life’s questions. Since the level of study in this master’s course is more on application, there are internship and practicum opportunities being offered, to see that everything learned will be applied, calibrated, and perfected in a non-invasive and healthy approach.

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