MBA Degree (Colorado Christian University)

Colorado Christian University is offering a Master of Business Administrtion Program that is ideal for adults who want to take take on senior management roles or be successful business owners or leaders. The program is conducted via online an on-campus learning thus making it possible for working professionals to earn their masteral degree without having to make significant changes in their professional and personal lifestyles.

CCU’s Master of Business Administration degree is composed of 39 credit hours worth of acadmic course work. Classes are offered in 7-week blocks and, those who opt to study full time, can complete major course work in about two years. Learners enrolled in CCU’s Master of Business Administration program can choose to specialize in one of three emphases: Corporate Training, Information Security, and Project Management.

CCU’s MBA program does not just focus on developing key critical thinking, decision-making, and people-management skills, the program also allows for innovativge, multi-cultural leadership courses that includes travelling to an overseas destination in order to witness international business practices. Furthermore, CCU curriculum includes the concept of “servant leadership” therefore, learners are taught how to incoprorate christian values in leading others in the business environment.

The cost of one credit hour is $646.00 and this does not usually include the cost of books and other incidental expense. Financial aid programs and scholarships, however, are on hand and readily available to eligible students.

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