MBA in Marketing (Benedictine University)

Meeting the demands of modern-day consumers is now more complicated than it was before. Consumers are faced with more choices and thus making them more selective and discerning about their choices. For a business to succeed, their products must rise above the competition. Businesses need managers who are able to understand the caprices of the consumer and market products and or services to in such a way that would catch the market’s eye.

Benedictine University’s online Master of Business Administration in Marketing has been developed to enable graduates to better understand consumer behavior. Benedictine’s online MBA in Marketing will give graduates the tools to develop an effective marketing strategy for every stage of a product or a service’s life cycle. Recent developments and changes in consumer behaviors will be discussed, the impact and application of modern technology in market research and strategic planning, and the importance of having a global perspective in all aspects of the marketing plan are some of the insights the program hopes to impart on its students.

The curriculum of Benedictine University’s online MBA in Marketing has three concentration-specific courses that would aid graduates in understanding the intricacies of marketing strategies. These are: MBA 666 (Consumer Behavior) – exploration of influences that affect purchases and consumer behavior; MBA 676 (Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age) – focuses on the impact of technology on marketing strategies; MBA 686 (International Marketing) – investigation of the application of marketing principles and concepts.

Benedictine’s online MBA in Marketing is held completely online thus students are able to schedule their coursework and classes around their lifestyles. Classes are kept small so students receive personal attention from the online instructors.

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