MBA Degree (Regis University)

Graduates of MBA are in demand around the world particularly in large corporations. These people hold important positions in the organization and are expected to contribute greatly to the success of the company in a variety of aspects.

If you’re one of those planning to pursue further studies and obtain a master’s degree in Business Administration, you can enroll at Regis University. For the busy professionals, Regis University offers a General MBA online program that will allow you to complete your coursework at your time and pace. For those who prefer the traditional way, however, the classroom-based program is also available. The blended format is an additional option for participants who wish to experience convenience but still want to interact with real people face to face.

The general MBA degree program will provide students with added and advanced knowledge not only in terms of business but as well as in the economy worldwide, management and leadership aspects. Key courses involved are business law, business strategy, change management, economics, financial decision making, leadership, marketing, international business and operations management.

This program is guaranteed to help and train students in developing their managerial skills, boost their self confidence in their pursuit to become a leader in the organization who can make a big difference and open more opportunities to professional advancement.

Graduates can continue to hold on to their current work positions or they can always find a new one. MBA graduates can work in a variety of fields such as consulting, finance, government, general management, human resource, marketing and information technology.

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