Monthly Web Roundup for August 2011

Welcome to a new feature on our site, a monthly roundup of useful and interesting links from the web.

To improve grading quality, some professors are letting others grade their students – Western Governors University hired 300 evaluators to grade the work of their students. The evaluators have no contact with the students at all. This grading arrangement is designed to fight grade inflation.

Infographic on the growing use of digital education – Online education is growing 14 times faster than overall higher education. The three main trends driving this growth are digital content, mass distribution, and personalized learning.

Free online course by Stanford attracts 58,000 students – Stanford is offering a free online course on artificial intelligence this fall. Over 58,000 students from around the world have already signed up.

Online learning for public schools – South Carolina is seeking to improve their public schools by opening online schools. The schools are cost-effective and can help lower the dropout rate. Also, the online teachers are able to provide individualized instruction, which helps at-risk students learn more effectively.

Excellent cash back credit cards – If you’re a new student this semester, you will probably have new expenses like textbooks, laptop, and school supplies. We recommend these cash back credit cards if you are disciplined enough to pay them off fully every month. By using them, you get some money back on your purchases. In this economy, every little bit helps.

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