Monthly Web Roundup for October 2011

Here are a couple interesting education links from October 2011.

Interview with the chief marketing officer of the world’s largest provider of eTextbooks – CourseSmart’s Jill Ambrose talks about the company’s innovations including a social commerce tab on Facebook, giving students access to eTextbooks on the popular social networking site.

Online students vs. traditional students – Interesting infographic comparing online students and traditional students.

For-profit schools: they get IT – Traditional colleges may think they have nothing to learn from for-profits, but when it comes to advanced use of technology, look no further.

Blame game: let’s talk honestly about bad teachers – Removing the lowest performing educators would pay big dividends, but saying so invites charges of “teacher bashing.”

How Steve Jobs transformed the classroom – At Burlington High School, Steve Jobs’ legacy is living on. The school bought more than a thousand iPads for its students and teachers this year.

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