Online MPH in Epidemiology (University of Liverpool)

The study of the health occurrences including diseases in society is what epidemiology is all about. It involves public health research and methods and is vital in determining medicines for the treatment of all kinds of diseases.

If this is the area you’d like to specialize in, you can pursue a Master of Public Health degree with focus on Epidemiology at the University of Liverpool. The program is offered online in collaboration with the Laureate Online Education and is not only affordable but convenient and flexible for students as well. With this online learning method, you can work at your own pace and time.

This specialization delves into the factors that affect the health of populations. A major part of this degree program is research and investigation which involves data collection, statistical analysis and documentation of results.

This Master of Public Health with specialization in Epidemiology involves a total of 10 modules. The six are the key modules which include health promotion, epidemiology and statistics for public health research, management of health systems, health and society, qualitative methods for public health research as well as regression and evidence based methods. The first module will take nine weeks while the rest will span eight weeks each.

Graduates of this degree program can work as research associates, physicians, study coordinators, public health practitioners and scientists. You can work not only locally but even internationally and be involved in work such as program design, health education, evaluation and policy development. Other tasks that you might be involved in are doing interviews, literature reviews, database searching and field investigations.

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