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If you are detail-oriented and like to deal with numbers, an online accounting degree can help you turn your skills into a rewarding career, both financially and personally.

An accounting degree will train you in many different topics including auditing, bookkeeping, economics, business management, marketing, finance, and taxation. Of course, the bulk of your studies will be accounting-related, but you will learn other topics to give you a holistic perspective of the business world. Also, you will learn how to work with relevant computer programs like spreadsheets and financial programs.

As an accountant, you will usually keep track of the finances of a company. This may include posting journal entries of business transactions and figuring out profits and revenues. Some accountants work for individuals. They prepare taxes and manage the finances.

Accounting jobs are recession proof since every business needs to keep track of their income. Accountants are well-respected in the business world because they provide a necessary function in any company. Their wages are very competitive compared to other college graduates. Also, a career in accounting is generally less stressful than other careers.

Many jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. To qualify for a management position, you will usually need to be working towards a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) designation or have already earned the certification.

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