Doctorate Degrees in Business Sustainability

If you’re looking to be equipped for the needs of tomorrow’s business champions and academic institutions, a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration in Local Government Management for Sustainable Communities, or Local Government Management for Sustainable Communities will be a good fit.

There is also a program called Doctor of Business Administration in Global Business Sustainability focused on enhancing expertise in sustainable management through the study and application of advanced topics.

While some Ph.D. curriculums offer both self-directed and course-based formats, other advanced degree programs combine an online platform with faculty mentorship throughout the course of study.

Meeting the needs of both academic and business professionals who want to pursue executive careers, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) curriculum focuses on practical business concepts and active research rather than a purely theoretical approach to research.

The DBA program will develop your ability to conduct comprehensive research, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, business ethics, and diversity.

The DBA program has been developed to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your personal and professional competencies while you balance the demands of your full-time career, family, and education.

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