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A doctorate places you in a category of an elite few who have acquired the highest level of formal educational knowledge. As a doctoral student, you can gain the skills to consult, lead, and teach the future human resources leaders of the world.

A doctorate degree qualifies you to hold positions in writing, teaching, and research. You may even want to venture into consulting work or owning your own business. The doctoral program in human resources teaches you skills that allow you to guide the benefits, health and safety, hiring, compensation processes, and training of an organization. You may even have the responsibility of creating or reviewing proposed guidelines.

Your training may consist of topics related to current practices and laws that pertain to human resources. You must stay up to date with changes that affect the workplace. Possible courses that you may take go over subjects like labor laws, labor history, and labor economics. Your career outlook may have advancement opportunities since most positions only require a bachelor’s degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), salaries ranged from $58,000 for a professor to $107,280 for management positions in 2009.

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