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Concord Law School is a learning environment like no other. It is considered to be a premier online law school that has a mission of challenging the way people think specifically on the aspect of legal education. The Concord Law School, popularly called as the Kaplan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The University has been receiving high rankings and good reviews knowing that it is the first online law school to be part of regional accreditation institution of higher education.

Concord Law School believes that Distance education is beneficial in a way that it is inspirational since students have access to professionals of their chosen field. The online program includes online classes, online courses and online degrees on Juris Doctor, Executive Juris Doctor and Small Business Practice LLM. Juris Doctor Degree is a part- time program that could be finished in a span of four years. Executive Juris Degree is designed for those interested in law and lastly, Small Business Practice LLM is for practicing attorneys and recent graduates. There are scholarships and financial aid in the form of federal state, private lending programs and military financial aid that have the goal of making learning still possible to those who are financially unstable. Admission process starts with the applicant contacting a Concord Law School admissions representative. JD and EJD applicants are required to take the Concord online Admissions test after the initial interview has been done.

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