The 8 Coolest College Football Traditions

College football has some of the longest and most beloved traditions in sports history. From the die-hard fans to the elaborate pep rallies, marches, and tailgates, football games have become quite the spectacle. Every college has something unique to bring to the table come game day, but there are certain school traditions you just can’t beat. In no particular order, here are the eight coolest college football traditions.

  1. Script Ohio, Ohio State:

    Ohio State has always been known for its great athletics and die-hard fans. But come game day, Buckeyes fans are cheering for more than just the players. They are also there to see the famous OSU marching band form the signature “Script Ohio” at the start of every football game. Even though it’s not uncommon for college marching bands to spell out or abbreviate their school name, very few allow one member to “dot the I” like Ohio State.

  2. Marching In, Army and Navy:

    The United States Military Academy (Army) and the United States Naval Academy (Navy) have been longtime football rivals, and every December you can see the academies face off in one of the classiest games of the entire year. One of the coolest parts of the game is the elaborate marching of the field by the cadets and midshipmen. Even the students show their respect and school spirit by standing for the majority of games.

  3. War Eagle, Auburn:

    You haven’t had the full SEC football experience until you’ve paid a visit to Jordan-Hare Stadium at Auburn University. Here, you’ll get to see the historic War Eagle of Auburn fly around the stadium before each game to rally fans and remind them of the bird’s legacy. Legend has it, Auburn got its first War Eagle after a Civil War soldier rescued it from the battlefield and brought it to an Auburn football game, where it broke free and flew out of the stadium.

  4. The Haka, University of Hawaii:

    Besides the occasional touchdown dance or celebratory gesture, the University of Hawaii is the only college football team to perform a choreographed war dance before and after home games. The Warriors have been doing the Haka for years, but in 2007, the dance came under fire for violating the sportsmanship policy and using controversial gestures. Today, the team uses a more traditional and politically correct version of the dance.

  5. Sooner Schooner, OU:

    Oklahoma loves its football, and that’s easy to see at just about any loud OU football game. Besides the die-hard fans and talented players, there is another exciting attraction to keep an eye out for — the Sooner Schooner. The Sooner Schooner wagon is raced across the field every time OU scores. Designed after the historical Oklahoma Conestoga wagon, Sooner Schooner is pulled by two white ponies named Boomer and Sooner and driven by the RUF/NEKS, OU’s all-male pep squad.

  6. Ralphie’s Run, Colorado:

    It’s not every day you get to see a buffalo run across a football field. At the University of Colorado, this is the norm. In 1934, Colorado adopted the nickname Buffaloes, and the adorable bison, Ralphie, became its official mascot. Since then, Ralphie makes an appearance before the start of each half and is ran around the field by a team of varsity student-athletes.

  7. UGA Bulldog, Georgia:

    Several universities have dog mascots, but none are as cute or cool as Georgia’s UGA, a white English bulldog. UGA makes his appearance known at every home football game and most away games. When he’s not smiling big for the fans, he’s typically cooling off in his custom made doghouse atop several bags of ice.

  8. The Grove, Ole Miss:

    The Grove is not your average tailgate. It’s a beautiful, shaded 10-acre park with great food, good people, and lots of southern hospitality. Students, alumni, and everyone in between come to the Grove to party and cheer on the Rebels. After tailgating at the Grove, you’ll have a better understanding of and greater appreciation for Ole Miss’s unofficial school motto: “We may not win every game, but we ain’t never lost a party.”

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